Unexpected Blessings.

Thursday I had to travel to Bangor, about 65 miles away, twice. The second trip included a visit to Tractor Supply. While loading the grain onto a cart, a gentleman, of age, stopped to talk. He was fascinating. Had shown Morgens in his youth, went military after graduation, and yes I thanked him for his service, and just had a wonderful way of telling a tale. It was such a pleasure to talk with him. He asked what the grain was for and I explained that I ran a rescue. He asked if I were rich, I replied only in experience and life. He said you are rich indeed. We talked awhile longer and then he said follow me to the checkout, I am paying for your grain. I thanked him, grateful for the donation. On the way there, we passed another gentleman, who stopped us and asked if the first gentleman had applied for certain benefits available for retirees. Turns out that gentleman is the Senior Vice Commander for the state of Maine . After unloading grain, I went back in and talked to him about starting a therapy with horses program for veterans and asked if he would be able to help us get the word out. He was fully in favor of it and gave me a card so I could contact him.

So went from, “Darn, another trip to bangor” to “Wow, Great trip to Bangor!” God does humble me at times.

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