Christmas Wreaths

Each year in November and December, 4R Animal Shelter makes and sells wreaths. It is the biggest found raiser we have. On Black Friday, wreaths made by volunteers are available at the Bangor Mall in Bangor, Maine at the Mattresses and More Store. Hundreds of wreaths are made, decorated and sold through that one store. 4R Animal Shelter can make wreaths for anyone, and 100% of the proceeds go to the shelter.


An all-volunteer team will collect tips of evergreen trees to begin the process of wreath making. They gather 100’s of pounds of tree tips, all from the land surrounding the shelter or from the land of shelter volunteers. Many hours are then spent building the wreaths upon wire frames by hand. A bow and pinecones are added to complete the Maine Woods look.

4R Animal Shelter also creates Horse Head Wreaths. They are built from the same materials as the round ones, but upon a foam frame. Once filled with evergreens, pine bows which are long, are added for the mane, birch rounds for the eyes and finished with a halter and lead from ribbon. These are time intensive and even the boxes for shipping are made individually to ensure they are safe during delivery.


The wreaths last for several months even in the hoter climates. Orders are taken starting in October and end the first week of December for those that need to be shipped. Round Wreaths on 12” rings are $25 plus shipping Horse Head Wreaths are $50 plus shipping.

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