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4R Animal Shelter is always raising funds to purchase feed, farrier visits, veterinary care and upkeep of the stalls used by 4R animals.

Cash donation are always appreciated. Whether it is a one time donation, doing a fund raiser to benefit 4R, a monthly donation or a purchase from the Amazon Wish List, each donation is appreciated and considered a donation by the IRS. 4R gladly provides statements at the end of the year to reflect the donations made.

The QR code is an easy way to donate on a one time or monthly basis.

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The price of hay and grain, as with all things, has been rising steadily. A small bale of hay cost $3 when 4R was started and is now $10. A large round bale used to cost $35 and now is $60. Grain used to cost $5 per 50 pound bag and is now $25 or more.

Sometimes we get a sanctuary animal like Jimmy. He is a 29 year old mule with only front teeth, so he can not eat grass or hay. He consumes Equine Senior feed at $30+ a bag and gets 2 bags a week. 4R is thankful that Machias Savings Bank sponsored him for a month at $240, also 2 volunteers give $100 per month toward his feed along with others. But that is only Jimmy, many others need feeding also.

Baby being trained

Thank you for all you do for 4R!! May your day be as blessed as we are!

Donations can be mailed to 4R Animal Shelter, 202 Thomas Hill, Lee Maine 04455

You can call 4R Animal Shelter at 207-738-2248 to ask questions or make a donation. When you hear a recording please press 1 to get through.

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