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Cash donations are needed for Hay, Grain. bedding, Farrier and Vet bills. There are also expenses in upkeeping the stalls and pasture fencing for the animals.

Building supplies are purchased from Tibbets Hardware in Lincoln Maine. If you would like to donate towards lumber, nails, screws, etc. contact them at click here.  or call (207) 794-2748 ask for Rachel and tell her you are donating for 4R Animal Shelter.

An indoor arena is being built in 2024 and many supplies are needed. Railroad Ties for the foundation, 30 of them, 2x6x12 for supports between the ties, and then tongue and groove boards to cover the inside and outside. Any amount of lumber will help and of course, volunteers to help construct the building.

This building will set upon the railroad tie foundation. KD Stable is constructing it, but the animals of 4R Animal Shelter will have use of it also. More importantly, the hay storage it will provide will let 4R purchase hay during the summer when it is cheaper and store it for winter. Right now storage can only hold 15 round bales.


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