4R Animal Shelter screens all potential adopters prior to having them visit the animals. Please fill out the form below as completely as possible and email it to us. From there 4R will check references, verify vet and farrier, etc. Once you and the area you wish to take the horse to is verified and approved, a representative of 4R will contact you to let you know if any of the animals available for adoption are appropriate for you.

For instance, if you want a family horse and none of the ones on hand are ready for that, we will tell you. If you want to game, we will let you know if any of the horses are fit/healthy enough for that.

After approval and if we have an animal that fits your needs, we will schedule a visit. This process has worked well and no horses have come back into care to 4R. But if ever an adoption does not work out, 4R will always bring the horse back into care.

bert and bertha


All of the animals in care currently at 4R Animal Shelter are owner surrenders. For health, financial or other circumstances, the owners are unable to keep their animals and asked for help. IF requested we do place some animals on a sanctuary list, where they are not available for adoption, but possibly available for an in barn lease.

Often sanctuary animals live out their lives with 4R Animal Shelter, cared for and loved by all.

If you have need of surrendering an animal, please call and let us help. Need temporary help with grain or hay? Let us help. Often just helping an owner through a tough spot is what is needed and the animal can be kept in a loving and caring home.

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