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Nestled in the white birch and tall pine trees of rural Lee, Maine, 4R Animal Sheltered began in 2011 by a group of people wanting to support Deb McKay in her journey to rescue horses. Deb McKay, the founder of 4R and current Executive Director, had been rescuing horses on her own, using her own funds for feeding, caring and training them. With local folks helping, sitting around the kitchen table with coffee in hand, the beginnings of 4R were developed.

With Deb being the owner of KD Stable, it was first felt there had to be a clear separation between KD Stable and 4R Animal Shelter. This was a topic of discussion and eventually resulted in clarity between the two entities. This conflict-of-interest document is updated every few years as 4R Animal Shelter grows.

After registering as a Non-Profit with the State of Maine and obtaining a Shelter License, 4R then addressed becoming a 501.c.3 with the Internal Revenue Service. On June 27, 2012 4R was granted that status.

Through the years the Board of Directors has changed and grown, though through all those years, Deb has been the one constant. She is the driving force behind the rescue and the one who cleans the stalls, feeds animals, cares for them, addresses the training issues and behavior issues. She also runs KD Stable offering riding lessons and summer camps to area youth.

If interested in becoming a part of the Board of Directors, please contact us for an application. There are 4 Board meetings per year, but Board members are also encouraged to be a part of 4R by helping with events, coming out to brush horses and being involved as much as possible.

We Are the Voice for Those Without One, Become a part of that Voice.

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