Wish List

Hay, always Hay. We order hay from Maple Lane Farms in Charleston Maine. 207-285-3591 Tell them you are paying for Hay for Deb McKay in Lee. She runs the rescue and schedules Hay Delivery. Also Call her and let her know so you can get a receipt from the rescue. 207-738-2248

5 Gallon Flat Back Buckets

Grain, gift certificates at Tractor Supply or Aubuchon hardware are best as we purchase at both places.

Cash or Checks – Medical Bills, Farrier Costs are always adding up.

Lumber, nails, screws , Something is always needing to be mended. Lumber should be 2 X 6″s of any length. OR 4X4 posts

Fencing, we prefer electric rope, but will use what is donated.