This page is still under construction and we will have it available to order from soon.  IF you wish to order, please contact 4R through email with the name of the pony you are interested in.  Email to    Deb will contact you asap.


Welcome to 4R Animal Shelter Shopping

Why purchase an item?  To support the efforts of 4R and the animals they support.

Each of the ponies are one of a kind, some we can duplicate if we have the material available.  Each is hand made by volunteers with love and care.  Volunteers are of all ages from the young, a group of disadvantaged children who want to help out and help to stuff the animals, to the older, those who do some of the sewing and cutting required.  Each Pony is made with love and care.

All ponies are $20 plus shipping.

Turbo  This little guy or gal, thinks his crazy pattern makes him really fast.
Flower Power  Full of springtime fun and energy


Stripes – A pony with a lot of heart.


Crazy Pony – Full of fun and laughter and waiting for special hugs.




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