About Us

Mission Statement:

4R Animal Shelter is organized exclusively for charitable purposes to provide a safe Haven for horses, other equines and farm livestock that have become victims of neglect, abuse or abandonment, or whose owners are no longer able to care for them. 


4R Animal Shelter began in the small town of Lee, Maine, Surrounded by the beautiful Maine woods, the rural location lent itself to  horses and horse back riding.  KD Stable, in existence since 1996,  had rescued horses on several occasions.  It was clear the expense of saving a horse is hard for one person to bear, in 2011 a willing group of citizens banded together to form 4R.  The R’s stand for Rescue, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Rehome.  4R Animal Shelter was awarded their 501.c.3 standing by the IRS in June 2013.