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 A Voice for those without One.  

What does this mean to you?

When a horse is starving or hurting, they can't tell us.

But we can look at those sad eyes, perhaps eyes that water and drain with infection.

Can they tell us they are starving?

No but we can see the trees stripped of bark,  the dusty pasture with no green, the wooden fences chewed as a last resort.

Can they tell us they hurt?

Only with the drooping head hung in pain, the legs that struggle to move, trying to lay down to take the hurt from their feet. 

So many things they do and we try to listen and give a voice to it. 

Any donation you can make will help us save another horse, save another life or help a life end with dignity.  Please donate today while you can.

Thank you

 Needs List:

Funds for:
                  Lead Ropes
                  Salt Blocks
                  Waterproof Blankets
                  Winter Blankets