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  September 2, 2017
Springfield Fair, Springfield Maine

Springfield Fairgrounds for the local fair doing facepainting near the grandstand.  4R will be taking donations for face painting and offering information about the shelter and what they do.  
Families can also learn about the Open Barn and Kids Game Day 

September 9. 2017  11-3
Open Barn and Kids Game Day 

Come on over to the Shelter and join us in a fun day for all the family.  No admission Fee.  Hots with chips and a drink on sale for $2.00.

Purchase tickets ( 5 for $1) and use them for Pony Rides, Farmer Game, Wheel Of Fun and face painting.   Lots of fun for all!!  

There is also a Scavenger Hunt  where you will be matching descriptions with the horses in the barn. 

Coming in September 
 Raffle of Oil Painting of Charley

4R will be selling Raffle Tickets starting in September to win a grand prize of an original Oil Painting of Charley, the 4R Mascott.
He is 46 years old and going strong.  Charley has had a hard life, but he still is active and loves his friend Lilly.  He is seldom not beside her.

 Charley has had one eye damaged before we rescued him and he is blind on that side.  Did I not say he was still active?
Don't let his small size fool you. Charley is going strong. 

 October 2017
 Wreath Season Starts

Horse Head Wreaths information will be mailed out, in November they will start shipping. Each lovely wreath is made by volunteers of 4R. Decorated and shipped by volunteers also!  This is our biggest fund raiser and we hope you order a wreath to grace your home.

We also sell traditional round wreaths full of that Maine Fragrance.  With Pine, Fir and Cedar in each wreath a light spritz of water will keep them fresh for months.