4R Animal Shelter
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 Deb McKay

 General Manager of 4R.  Deb is usually the first person people who visit the stable or volunteer with 4R will meet.  She is a driving force behind many of the activities.  Sheer determination has helped her build a Riding Stable from the ground up as a single parent.  She has a connection with horses that goes beyond the norm and often is seems they talk to her. 

 Pam Ireland

President of Board of Directors for 4R Animal Shelter
Pam has seen both sides of the horse rescue world, from taking one on who really needed care, to re-homing one that was just too much to deal with.  This gives her the unique perspective of understanding what owners go through.   Her passion is to help others and as President she provides a driving force for getting things done.

 Meg Harris

Vice President of the Board of Directors, Meg provides the structure needed to keep tasks on track.  With her background of living in the military growing up, Meg has a wealth of experience to draw from. Several years of working as a representative of a Company which is known for Customer Service and Satisfaction, Meg has skills to share.

Nikki Hewes Shorey 

Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Nikki provides a guiding force of true love of horses and all animals.  She has horses of her own, and formerly adopted a horse from 4R which lived out her life under Nikki's care.  The mare she adopted had foundered and lived a hard life before coming into the care of 4R.  Nikki and the mare had a great attachment and it seemed right that the mare live the remainder of her life with Nikki.

Joe McGouldrick

Secretary of the Board of Directors, Joe brings a background of business management and although new to the board, will keep the board on track in business matters.