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a 501(c)(3) public charity  and a State of Maine Licensed Animal Shelter # F1348



Located in the small village of Lee, Maine, surrounded by fir, pine and white birch trees, 4R came to life in January of 2010 when several determined friends decided they could make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected animals.   There were no deep pocket financial supports, just a home grown belief that the support would come if the work was done. 
4R began at a kitchen table with several determined ladies and gentlemen ready to work hard to help it grow. The 4 “R’s” stand for Rescue, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Rehome.  
 When a dear friend passed from a horse riding accident, the family requested donations be made to 4R in lieu of sending flowers.  The resulting donations enabled 4R to pay the fee to submit their 501.c.3 application.  With help from First Light Farm Equine shelter, another 501.c.3 non profit,  as a mentor, 4R flew through the process and received their status in June of 2011. 
The first horse to come to 4R was AJ, a yearling colt with medical issues.  He was with 4R for a year, until it was determined his medical issues were too much to overcome and he was peacefully and lovingly laid to rest. 
The second horse to come was Bert, an older gelding, whose owner was hurt in a home accident.  This remarkable owner, as she was in horrid pain, crawled to her house and called a friend to ask them to have 4R come handle her horse for her.  She then called for help for herself, yet, terribly she died later that day from the injuries.  She, to 4R, represents all of us; we hold our animals in trust, accountable for their welfare above our own.   Bert was with 4R several years, until he quietly passed in his sleep. 
Charley, a 40 year old mini stallion, is our mascot and represents well all that we do.  From a body score of .5 ( on a scale from 0(dead) to 5(obese)) to his current body score of 4, Charley has made wonderful strides in life and is always ready to greet and meet guests.  Charley is not available for adoption as guaranteed to his prior owner when she surrendered him.  He will live out his life with 4R.
4R adopts out horses and other livestock animals to new homes.  4R keeps track of them all and visits them when possible. 
4R is humbled by the support we receive and it often comes from the least expected directions. 
Our Horse Head Wreaths represent our giving back to those who are willing to support 4R. Each wreath sold represents several bales of hay to feed horses or at least 2 bags of grain. 
Each wreath leaves with a heartfelt “Thank YOU”.  As we build them by hand at the home of 4R Animal Shelter, a small stable called KD Stable,  we think of the places they will travel to and how each and every person not only has the pleasure of such a unique wreath, but also the pleasure that comes from helping 4R help the animals in our care. 
Deb McKay, Manager of 4R Animal Shelter and Owner of KD Stable
       AJ                                                                  Bert                                                 Charley

4R Animal Shelter

202 Thomas Hill
Lee, Maine  04455
email us at  info@4ranimalshelter.org