Help Us Help Them

You are Needed!!  
4R is trying to raise funds to move an indoor arena to the shelter.   Please click on the link and donate as possible.

When you are in need, or know of an animal in need, 
Call 4R for help                207 - 738-2248

Located in the small rural town of Lee, Maine,

4R Animal Shelter began in March of 2011.

Several concerned friends sitting at a table, having   

coffee and trying to decide how they could help

animals in trouble

                                               Why 4R??

          The name 4R came from  the four steps of animal rescue:  
                1. Rescue - whether rescuing an animal from a bad situation,
                         rescuing  an owner from a situation out of their control.  
                   2. Rehabilitate - the horses and other animals usually come with
                          problems, whether     physical, mental, training issues or emotional
                            issues.  These have to be addressed.  
                      3. Re-train - often the horses and other animals have been loved,
                            but not trained to  a level they should be.  This can make an animal
                              un-adoptable or delay their chance for a new home.   
                         4. Re-home - the best part ever.  To give these wonderful animals
                                a new lease on life and to be able to watch them blossom with
                                 a new home.    When an animal leaves for that new home it is
                                 bitter sweet.  Bitter that they will be missed at 4R, Sweet, that
                                they have a new life ahead of them.

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